«¡Eureka! Science and Creativity» is an exhibition in search of the creative spirit within us

An interactive exhibition featuring the creativity associated with the world of science. Sees creativity not only as the basis of science, but of any human activity, showing that we are all creative in some point in our lives.

And occurs that creativity feeds on these mental sparks that illuminate a solution. But also, and not least, with the hard work behind great ideas


Domus – Casa del Hombre Getting there
Ángel Rebollo, 91 | 15002 A Coruña Tel: +34 981 189840


End Date: Jun 24th, 2013

Every day of the year, except December 25th, January 1st and January 6th.

Openning hours:

How much?

General ticket allows access to the exhibition Eureka! Science and creativity, with no additional cost.


2€ tarifa general. 1€ tarifa reducida (menores de 14 años, mayores de 65 y Carnet Joven).

Precios especiales para grupos, on request. Discounts and special events for schools:  see School Visits


  • Test your creativity
  • Discover the inventions that changed history
  • Connect Art and Science
  • Explore the creative brain
  • Walk the path of a great idea
  • Discover the technology inspired by nature
  • Geolocate innovation

In Depth

Poster exposición


30 exhibition units in 5 fields:

  • !magine – The creative process
  • !dea – Neurological fundamentals
  • !nspire – The exercise of creativity and techniques
  • !nvestigate  – Creativity in scientific research
  • !nnovate – Innovation, technology and society

Plan your visit

Press Kit


  • Interactive games
  • Unique areas
  • Set designs
  • Audio-visuals
  • Exhibition panels

Surface area: 250 m2
Idea, script and production: Museos Científicos Coruñeses (A Coruña City Council): see credits of the exhibition.

An exhibition funded by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT).


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